Under Floor Insulation

Under Floor Insulation Systems

After a complete survey, we carefully install our breathable, insulated foil blanket under your home that traps air but releases moisture. Taylor Hickey Energy Ltd under floor insulation is a no mess system compromising of a 40mm thick quilted material called Actis Boost R. It is a thin multifoil insulation boasting dual properties, meaning it serves as both a breathable membrane and insulation. Designed to provide your home or building with exceptional thermal performance

Our removable system does not cause permanent changes to your home so no pipes, cables and underfloor areas are blocked off, damaged or made inaccessible during the install.

The strong thick quilted layers are attached to the underside of your home, trapping air within the many layers of the quilt to provide your home with warmth, stopping draughts and insulating your home. We leave ventilated sections to allow your home to breath.


Did you know?

Underfloor insulation is partly made from recycled materials including plastics.

Fully Accredited PAS2030 System

A thin multifoil insulation product with a built-in breather membrane function and an exceptional thermal performance.


BOOST’R HYBRID provides dual properties within a single product: a breathable membrane and insulation, allowing a reduction in the number of installation steps whilst reducing the thickness of the main insulation to achieve the same required U-value. It can be used in conjunction with any type of insulation.