Lightweight Roofing System

Energy Efficient Roofing Systems

Homes typically lose 25% of their heat through their roof as they are usually only insulated with a layer of rockwool. Over time, this sags down, mats and provides little if any heat retention.

This is why we use the same quality EPS insulation panels in your roof void as we do putting external wall insulation on your home. Our hand fitted panels provide extremely efficient insulation. It will not deteriorate over time unlike messy sprayed on insulation and it wont block up your vents.

Our lightweight, insulated roofing system uses Metrotile roof tile with our insulation panels to provide your home with a quality insulated roof that is guaranteed for forty years.

We have got you covered

We offer FREE rof surveys. our surveyor will visit your home, identify any issues with your roof and roofline to determine which of our services best suit your home.

In addition to our insulated lightweight roofing system we also offer roof repairs, modifications, cleaning and painting. 

Did you know?

The roof void in a park home must be well ventilated to allow air circulation and prevent condensation. Our insulation allows a large gap for air to circulate and is hand fitted not sprayed.